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Rugged, raw and utterly awe-inspiring, Kauai is wholly compelling and a world-away from glitzy Waikiki.

Kauai accommodation stretches across the ancient island, offering boutique hotels and self-catered apartments to suit every traveller. By law, no building is taller than a coconut tree so travellers forfeit skyscrapers for low lying resort hotels on Kauai.

Adventure seekers will find their thrills on Kauai; opportunities for jungle ziplining, helicopter views and deep canyon exploration are plentiful. The majestic island boasts sacred rivers, hidden ocean caves and mammoth waves; a bountiful landscape that inspires the mana (spiritual essence) that's tangible at every turn.

Kauai accommodation specials are abundant too. For every hotel and apartment, packages are curated to offer exclusive additions for the savvy traveller. Guests can expect to enjoy stunning pools, state-of-the-art gym facilities, on-site dining and private business centres. Kauai North Shore accommodation includes secluded villas and hotel rooms, situated to make the most of the islands vast beauty and stunning inlets.

Luxury guests will encounter boutique accommodation on Kauai, catering to those seeking a finer class of travel. Sporting world-class pools, outstanding service and architectural designs that speak to the natural character of the island, Kauai certainly delivers when it comes to 5-star accommodation.

Kauai accommodation in Hanalei Bay boasts views of crystal blue waters and spectacular snorkelling opportunities. Jungle treks and guided yachting is available for those wishing to explore the rugged cliffs and diverse variety of flora and fauna on the island.

On the opposite side of the island, Kauai accommodation in Princeville is as assorted as the local landscape. Spectacular resorts feature beachfront swimming pools, luscious gardens and all-included dining just minutes from the bustling marketplaces and boutique shops, cinemas and cafes situated in town.

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From glistening resorts to private villas, Kauai accommodation is wholly unique and reflective of its stunning terrain. Find hotels, apartments and boutique accommodation in Kauai on TravelOnline. TravelOnline Kauai Accommodation