Hawaii Cruises

An ideal way to discover all the islands that make up Hawaii is via a cruise. Cruising is an increasingly popular holiday choice for many travellers, offering flexibility, stability, meals and accommodation all in one. Subsequently travellers can enjoy more time relaxing and enjoying all that Hawaii has to offer, without having to frequently pack and repack their luggage.

Many cruises will hop between the major islands of Hawaii including Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Hawaii's Big Island. Cruises will often allow guests to spend time discovering the diversity between the islands during the day and by dusk, will cruise the Pacific Ocean into the sunset. Cruise goers often have the opportunity to spot and enjoy the Humpback whales which frequent the waters of Ohau. On the western side of the island there are also often Hawaiian turtles and spinner dolphins which can be seen from the cruise deck.

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Cruises offer travellers a great way to meet new friends and enjoy a variety of evening entertainment. Facilities onboard cruise ships offer more than your standard resort and boast everything from swimming pools, shopping malls and myriad restaurants to bars, ball rooms and hair salons. While onboard the cruise ship it is also remarkably simple to organize the day's events with easily accessible tour booking facilities. This is a great way to explore the island that will be visited in the forthcoming days, helping you discover many of the tourist hot spots.

Guests also often remark that their favourite part of cruising is the exceptional friendships made while on board. Considering the length of time spent on the boat, passengers are able to foster genuine relationships as everyone gets social in the evening. This can be a huge draw card for solo travellers and couples who are looking to meet like minded travellers while exploring the world.

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